lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Otros retos shell

Otros retos a traves de shell para practicar: <--- Source de ExploitMe y SQLi (Hackit) <--- Buenos source para practicar <-- dreyer was here :) <-- Sources del Hackit de la iparty 8 de aditel <-- sources para practicar --> ssh pass: level1
telnet <--- Registrarse y ya ssh con user basic1 <-- 3 retos, shell, binary y rbinary (remote binary)

Updated 30-03-2011: <-- Capture The Flag uCon 2009 de Marcos Álvares <-- Linux/x86 vulnerable code study. Currently, there are 86 example exploits included.

Updated 14-12-2011:   <--  Linux exploiting from source with Virtual Machine, 3 kind of challenges Nebula - Protostar - Fusion

Updated 23-09-2012: <-- Over ssh (ssh -p 13722 pass: vanilla1)  with levels that you must exploit to bypass to the next.

Updated 01-09-2014: <-- We provide various pwn challenges regarding system security. If you succeed to 'pwn' a task, you will be able to read the 'flag' file which contains a secret message. Once you authenticate the flag, you can get the corresponding point. If you are good at system hacking, these tasks would be just a bunch of fun games - enjoy :)

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